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Summer’s Almost Gone

I finished the textbook some time in July, and tried to concentrate on my own writing for a while. I started a few blog posts in my notebook, some of which might eventually make it up here.

And whenever I could, I went for little day-trips.

I want to get a digital camera. The one I’ve got seems pretty crappy, and the last batch I took came out worse than usual.

But sometimes, on a beautiful day by the beach, you see a magical scene made up entirely of primary colours, and it seems no camera will fail you. (This one looks great when it’s enlarged.)

I’m starting work now. Perhaps s a punishment for all my lack of employment this year, I’ve been given the position of director of studies at a school, in addition to teaching, and I will probably have more work than I can handle. I’m trying to get used to the fact that I probably won’t have time for my usual creative pursuits.

At least I won’t have the financial problems I had last year. And maybe I’ll find the time to write.

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