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How exciting! How dull!

For the first time since September, the Dullest Blogger has managed to come up with another post!

There are plenty of boring Web logs out there, online diaries whose authors dutifully recount their thoughts and actions in excruciating detail. But Dave Walker, a 32-year-old cartoonist and Web editor from Cookham, England, has claimed the distinction of writing ''The Dullest Blog in the World.''

Mr. Walker has raised dull blogging to an art form by meticulously chronicling mundane events in his life: checking e-mail, turning his head to the right, walking past the ironing board, and thinking about making some food. His minimalist musings have attracted something of a cult following, with his blog counting about 85,000 page views a month. Seldom has dullness generated such keen interest.

(The New York Times, May 15th 2003)

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