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Spring arrives

Before we left to go down to the house, we called our neighbour to ask about the condition of the water. Back in September, some construction workers who had opened up the water pipes in the street to connect them to a house had gone home without closing them or covering them. That night, there was a heavy rainfall, which carried mud and pebbles into the hole they had dug, and into the pipes. Eventually the problem was addressed (I don’t say fixed), although the water pressure was low. The neighbours assured us that only a couple of days before, they had turned on our hose to water our garden.

When we got there, however, and turned on the taps, there wasn’t a drop. Since they had watered the garden, the pipes had clogged again.

Fortunately, the neighbours had used a hose to connect to the house behind them, so we had enough water for emergencies there. I’d go next door with buckets whenever we needed some. It was annoying at first, and we were considering returning the next morning, but soon enough we got used to it.

And the next day, the regular tenants made us feel welcome.

Ήλθ’, ήλθε χελιδών,
καλάς ώρας άγουσα,
καλούς ενιαυτούς,
επί γαστέρα λευκά,
επί νώτα μέλαινα.

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