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I’ve been back since early January, but haven’t posted anything. I haven’t been in the proper frame of mind, and I never wanted this to be a journal.

In December I had become so enthusiastic about them that I registered on Bloglines to keep track of all the ones I was reading. When I returned, there were more posts than I could read. I tried to comprehend, to imagine just how many bloggers there are out there, and I got a wee case of vertigo. My will became a little paralysed, so to speak.

Which is silly, in a way. I’m a newcomer, but already there’s a nice little community of people checking in, which I check into as well.

I haven’t felt like writing anything, but from time to time, I’d be drafting something in my head.

So, who’s the anonymous one who wrote, “Having too good a time to post anything, I hope. Still, some life sign would be nice for us constant readers”?

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