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Get your head round this one

The Los Angeles County DA has decided that he will seek the death penalty for a man who tried to kill himself.

Juan Manuel Alvarez drove his Jeep Cherokee onto the commuter rail tracks near Compton, supposedly intent on killing himself. (I don’t know if Alvarez has admitted as much.) Apparently he changed his mind as the train approached. He got out and watched the crash. According to the New York Times, “After the crash, officials described Mr. Alvarez as ‘deranged’ and ‘suicidal.'”

Is Alvarez going to be shaken up about this? Will he plead guilty? Can we call it punishment? What if it was all part of some elaborate plan on Alvarez’s part?

I’m just saying, you know?

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I’ve been back since early January, but haven’t posted anything. I haven’t been in the proper frame of mind, and I never wanted this to be a journal.

In December I had become so enthusiastic about them that I registered on Bloglines to keep track of all the ones I was reading. When I returned, there were more posts than I could read. I tried to comprehend, to imagine just how many bloggers there are out there, and I got a wee case of vertigo. My will became a little paralysed, so to speak.

Which is silly, in a way. I’m a newcomer, but already there’s a nice little community of people checking in, which I check into as well.

I haven’t felt like writing anything, but from time to time, I’d be drafting something in my head.

So, who’s the anonymous one who wrote, “Having too good a time to post anything, I hope. Still, some life sign would be nice for us constant readers”?

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